5D4N BANGKOK / KHAO YAI + JIM THOMSON FARM | 5天4晚 曼谷/拷艾 + 金汤普森农场

5 stars
Bangkok, Thailand

5天4晚 曼谷/拷艾 + 金汤普森农场

  • Tour Code: OD-191220-TER
  • Departure: 20-Dec-2019 (Fri)
  • Price: rm 2888
  • Remark: 定金rm850
  • Flight:
    20/12/2019 09:55 Fri | 20/12/2019 11:05 Fri | KUL-DMK | OD 520 |
    24/12/2019 18:05 Tue | 24/12/2019 21:20 Tue | DMK-KUL | OD 523 |

    Payment Policies
    Prepayment / Cancellation
    Allowed Cancellation: No
    Time allowed to free: 14 day
    Term & Condition

    Full Payment:

    Full payment is required in the different timeline as below before departure and issuance of air ticket otherwise reservation will be auto-cancelled without prior notice and the deposit paid will be forfeited.

    Please note that during important events, festivals, conferences and fair periods at local country, there will be an additional surcharge levied by accommodation properties. Customers will be informed of any increase in tour prices during booking procedures (price may vary accordingly).

    Payment Method:

    Payment can be made by the bank in cash or cheque. Bank in cheque will only be accepted if presented to The Company at least 14 (fourteen) working days before departure. 


    Deposits must be paid upon reservation with the following payment schedule:

    Cancellation Charges / Refunds:

    Cancellation of tour booking by the customer must be in writing and the following charges apply:

    Tour Cancellation / Refunds:

    Even after deposits or full payment has been made, all arrangements are still subject to final confirmation. If the arrangement unable to finalize and the reservations have to be cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances, the Company endeavours to notify the customers at least 15 (fifteen) working days before departure.

    All the credit card refunds will only be made through the respective credit card companies between 4 to 6 weeks.

    A 2% to 3% administrative charge will be imposed for all credit card refunds.

    All the cheque or cash payment refunds will be made in form of a cheque and processed within 2 to 4 weeks.


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